It is common knowledge that diversified investing is vital to a healthy portfolio, yet most limit themselves to a few baskets. We believe all investments should be open to anyone who wants to grow a nest egg; it's your money. Most people are familiar with the more common investments like stocks, bonds, CDs etc, we also trade the lesser known alternates like forex, T-bills etc, plus make them available for others who wish to participate. Below are a few of our favorites.

SUSU Plus, NEW !! .
This is a free service open to all, from people with limited starting capital to high net worth individuals. We are introducing this unique service based on the popular peer to peer savings technique which originated in West Africa, now popular in the Caribbean, and is in the US and far east. In addition to a savings scheme, a new investment layer is added, thus SUSU + , a sort of group micro or macro savings and investment. The word 'susu' translates from Akan to 'in moderation'. Click HERE for more information.

The Off Exchange Retail Foreign Currency Market,
also known as forex or fx, is the world's largest, most liquid trading market. With an average daily trading volume of over three trillion US $ ( 3,000 000 000 000), it is much larger than the total volume of ALL U.S. equity markets. FOREX trading is attractive because it offers unparalleled freedoms, 24 hours a day, 5+ days a week, a truly global market. We offer a managed account service for clients who have little time to dabble in the markets. See our trading record HERE.

High interest worldwide treasury bills.
In order to attract capital to some regions of the world, treasury bill interest rates can climb up to 30%. This of course is usually in regions of low government and currency stability with high uncertainty. This is possible because most investors tend to stay in more familiar portals ignoring the potential reward of informed diligent strides into these other markets. Kente Group actively participates in this large market with aggressive risk spreading techniques; Current investment returns are available HERE.

Commercial real estate limited partnerships.
This usually is a very lucrative investing medium, but requires much more capital than the average investor can muster. The Kente group with the help of seasoned real estate agents, scours for great deals, then organizes a limited partnership of investors to secure the deal. The partnerships are dissolved after assets are liquidated and proceeds distributed. These are by invitation only, and notices are sent out to current clients.

The Kente Group is a registered CTA with the National Futures Association of America (NFA)ID # 394715, and registered with the Commodities Futures Trading Association (CFTC), which regulate and hold their members to the highest standards in the industry. The NFA maintains a record of all registered entities on their website www.nfa.futures.org